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Hi, I am Dishiitta Saprra

Certified Energy Healer

Welcome To A Safe Space Of
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Love. Peace.

Heal. Joy.

About Us

Journey to your Inner Self

I strongly believe life is a journey of constant learning, rediscovering your true self, unconditioning your old habits & beliefs. It is the art of letting go and surrendering, facing your inner demons, and relentless shadow work. The ultimate goal is being full of love, and joy and attaining unwavering peace. The darkest times bring out the brightest light inside you. Such was my tryst with the world of spirituality a decade back when angels, healers, books, and gurus came to my rescue in trying times and gave me hope.

Over the years I have meticulously worked to acquire knowledge on the breadth and depth of mind, body, and soul trinity. After successfully managing brands and being a start-up entrepreneur, I have now embarked on a new journey of bringing fearless transformation to my clients and helping them manifest the best life beyond their wildest dreams.

Our Services


Looking to find peace and balance in your life? Holiistiic Healer is here to help!

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Healing Services

It is important to know that inner work healing is not a one session cure-all.

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Online Courses

Why Choose Us

A Healer Is Not Someone You Go To For Healing. A Healer Helps You To Find The Key Within You, For Your Own Ability To Heal.

At Holiistiic Healer, we are renowned as the best spiritual healer in Delhi and the leading energy healer in the Delhi NCR region. We offer comprehensive healing services & courses, including Angel Healing Courses, Lama Fera Healing, and Reiki Healing Course, tailored to meet your spiritual and energetic needs. Our certified healer combines years of experience with a deep understanding of various healing modalities to provide transformative and personalized healing sessions. Whether you're seeking to learn new healing techniques or require individualized healing sessions, we create a supportive and nurturing environment for your spiritual growth. Our holistic approach ensures that you achieve balance, well-being, and empowerment in all areas of your life. Choose Holiistiic Healer for unparalleled expertise, a compassionate approach, and a genuine commitment to your spiritual journey. Experience the profound benefits of our healing courses and sessions with the best healer in Delhi NCR, India.

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What Client Say About US

Her process is efficient and effective. She helped me heal myself in ways I could never even imagine. Absolutely amazing.

Eva Singh

Dishiitta introduced me to 5D Quantum Healing. I had never even heard of it before. My first session felt so powerful and uplifting that I have been coming back again and again to her for more sessions. I had some relationship issues I needed to work on and this healing transformed my life. Its just magical!

Kristina Mckinney

I recently worked with Dishiittaa and had a great experience. She was very kind and patient and walked me through the process and my doubts. I had several Reiki sessions with her and am quite happy with the results. Will highly recommend it.

Krittika Mittal

The most genuine and reliable healer I have ever met. Thank you so much for your guidance and healing which were very effective.
🌹🌹🙏🙏 May God bless you always and you continue to heal many persons needing your touch.

Jatinder Kaur

Ma’am is a very wonderful human being and amazing in her work. She is genuine and has powerful capabilities in healing. Happy to know her and get counseling.

Nitin Jain

Thank you holiistiic healer, your consultation and guidance for my problems were fantastic. you have naturally gifted healing abilities, very profound and impactful, thanks once again.

Viveka Nand

She is a really good Holistic Healer or I must say a good friend too….who is very helpful and guides you to the right thing to do…Thanks to her for helping us out…God bless

Nancy Madan

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